Tunisia Peace Ranking Slips, Retains “High Level of Peace”

Tunisia’s ranking among the world’s most peaceful countries fell from 75 to 79 (out of 162) during 2014, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace’s Global Peace Index (GPI). Despite the slide, the report classifies Tunisia as a country with a “high level of peace.” Its position ranks second among Maghreb countries, with Morocco at

UNDP Discusses Parliamentary Oversight in Tunisia and the Role of Independent Constitutional Bodies (Part 1)

Since the Revolution, Tunisia has lived through a phase of institutional innovation, establishing a new set of institutions seeking to reflect the Revolution’s demands for accountability, justice and representation of the will of the people. The National Constituent Assembly elected on 23 October 2011 had the primary task of drafting a new constitution, but also

Jasmine Foundation Briefing: Tunisian new elections law 2014

Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly passed, on 1st May, a new Electoral Law, marking a key step towards completing its democratic transition. The new Fundamental Law on Elections and Referenda, adopted by 132 deputies with 11 against and 9 abstentions, sets out the process for organising elections and referenda, from registration of voters to declaration of

Reconsidering the transition Paradigm

The concept of transitions has been central to discussions of democratization for more than three decades now. “Transi- tion” has been the primary term used to describe the political changes that typified what Samuel P. Huntington labeled the “third wave” of democratization—the birth of new democracies in well over fifty countries that has made democracy

Pathways to Freedom: Political and Economic Lessons From Democratic Transitions

Over the past three years, the world has witnessed a number of democratic transitions take root across the Middle East and Asia. Millions of oppressed people in countries once ruled by autocrats are struggling to realize freedom and shared opportunity. Other countries around the world also now teeter on the edge of transition to more

Election Law: Court of Auditors Testifies Before Commission

The National Constituent Assembly’s Commission on Finance, Development and Planning held, on Tuesday 11th March, a session with the Court of Auditors and the General Commission on Legislation to discuss the issue of financing of election campaigns, in the context of discussions about the new electoral law. The Court of Auditors had monitored election finances

Expert View: Tunisia’s Media Landscape – What Has Changed since 14 January?

In light of recent changes in the media sector in Tunisia, Jasmine Foundation spoke to Mourad Teyeb, veteran journalist, producer and rights activist, about what has changed in the media sector since 14 January 2011. What, in your view, has changed in Tunisia since 14 January 2011? A lot has changed. One cannot but recognise