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Election Law: Court of Auditors Testifies Before Commission

The National Constituent Assembly’s Commission on Finance, Development and Planning held, on Tuesday 11th March, a session with the Court of Auditors and the General Commission on Legislation to discuss the issue of financing of election campaigns, in the context of discussions about the new electoral law. The Court of Auditors had monitored election finances

An Interview with Badreddine Abdelkefi : The Role of Civil Society in Drafting the New Constitution

Jasmine Foundation spoke to Badreddine Abdelkefi, member of the National Constituent Assembly in charge of Relations with Civil Society, to discuss the role of Civil Society in drafting the Tunisian constitution and the novel mechanisms established for the inclusion of Civil Society in the process of drafting from the start of its work in late

The findings for the draft constitution of the Presidential and Parliamentary model

dr Bartłomiej Nowotarski THESES FOR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY FOR NEW PROJECTS (Based on the analysis of consolidation more than 80 young global democracies in the twentieth and twenty-first century) Only 27% of countries, including those who had undergone a democratic transition since 1974, managed to consolidate their democracies. The remaining 73% could be called hybrid “autocratic-democratic.”