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JF Briefing January 2015

Formation of New Government Tunisia has entered its 16th day of negotiations over the formation of the new government. Rumours abound in national media around who is in and who is out – Monday’s papers report that the new government is nearly finalized, with various leaked lists showing potential ministers. Assoor newspaper reports that the

Tunisia Peace Ranking Slips, Retains “High Level of Peace”

Tunisia’s ranking among the world’s most peaceful countries fell from 75 to 79 (out of 162) during 2014, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace’s Global Peace Index (GPI). Despite the slide, the report classifies Tunisia as a country with a “high level of peace.” Its position ranks second among Maghreb countries, with Morocco at

UNDP Discusses Parliamentary Oversight in Tunisia and the Role of Independent Constitutional Bodies (Part 1)

Since the Revolution, Tunisia has lived through a phase of institutional innovation, establishing a new set of institutions seeking to reflect the Revolution’s demands for accountability, justice and representation of the will of the people. The National Constituent Assembly elected on 23 October 2011 had the primary task of drafting a new constitution, but also

Energy Commission Rejects Renewal for British Gas

The Energy Commission of the National Constituent Assembly issued a decision on 5th June rejecting the proposed renewal of the Amilcar license for hydrocarbon exploration requested by British Gas. The rejection issued by the Commission is due to a number of violations of the legal regulatory framework for granting licenses, including the following: – The

Eye on the Electoral Law: Launch of Plenary Discussion in the Assembly

Monday 7th April saw the opening of the plenary debate and vote on the electoral law in a session attended by 123 members of the National Constituent Assembly. The draft electoral law is based on proposals by a group of civil society organisations, including Chahed Observatory, ATIDE, Youth without Borders, the Foundation for the Future

Election Law: Court of Auditors Testifies Before Commission

The National Constituent Assembly’s Commission on Finance, Development and Planning held, on Tuesday 11th March, a session with the Court of Auditors and the General Commission on Legislation to discuss the issue of financing of election campaigns, in the context of discussions about the new electoral law. The Court of Auditors had monitored election finances

Nominations for new Truth and Dignity Commission Open

The National Constituent Assembly opened nominations on 28 January for membership of Tunisia’s new Truth and Dignity Commission, established under the Transitional Justice Law adopted in December 2013. Nominations will be open between 28 January and 11 February 2014. Conditions for nomination include possession of Tunisian nationality, competence, independence and neutrality. Candidates may not have