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About Jasmine Foundation

The Jasmine Foundation for Research and Communication (JFRC) is an independent think tank, established and registered in Tunisia in 2013. Our mission is to strengthen democratic stability and economic prosperity through institutional dialogue between policymakers and civil society on social and economic policy issues; while simultaneously building the capacity of civil society to propose, monitor, and review public policies and provide input into policy-making process.

Jasmine Foundation is working to study social challenges in Tunisia and come up with creative solutions, with extensive experience in programs engaging vulnerable or marginalized youth in public life. Since its creation in 2013 Jasmine Foundation has designed and implemented several successful programs that combine social science research with non-formal education to engage Tunisian youth and women in marginalised neighbourhoods in local decision-making and civic life.  Our projects, supported by international funding Institutions including the EU, UNDP, MEPI, NED and the British Council, promote youth participation, strengthen citizen participation in local governance and empower civil society to play a big role in decision-making.

The Foundation seeks to fulfil this mission by inviting specialists and experts in various fields relevant to these aims to contribute their knowledge and by connecting with the actors who are directly involved in this critical transitional phase of building democracy in Tunisia, in order to engage in dialogue, achieve a deeper understanding of the issues at play, and contribute to the process of building a democratic society and regime in Tunisia.

Our approach seeks to locate Tunisia in its geographical position at the civilizational crossroads between Arab, Muslim, Mediterranean and European civilisations. This position opens up many possibilities of intellectual and cultural dialogue and exchange between different civilizations. These possibilities are today, after the fall of Ben Ali, facilitated by the release of society from the grip of repression and its gradual recovery of its capacity for self-definition and action

JFRC has significant expertise in organizing and mediating public dialogue and forums, research methodologies and field work, writing policy briefs, and helping local actors conduct outreach. JFRC staff, researchers, project coordinators, and assistants have the relevant skills and experience to implement projects successfully. Since its establishment, JFRC grew prolific networks of allies and collaborators in the private and public sectors, alongside civil society organizations and international institutions.


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