Despite the challenges, Tunisia emerges from 2013 as the biggest winner

Tunisia has been named as the Arab world’s most democratic country in the annual democracy ranking by Global Democracy Ranking. The country is the biggest climber in the rankings out of any other country in the list, moving up 33 places since 2008.

The rankings rate countries according to the quality of democracy, based on a review of a number of criteria including political rights, civil liberties, gender gap, press freedom, corruption perception, change of head of government and political party change.

The Democracy Ranking is an annual ranking of democracies in the world. The ranking uses a multidimensional conceptual approach, integrating political and non-political dimensions of society in an assessment of the “Quality of Democracy”. These dimensions include political factors such as freedom and other characteristics of the political system and non-political factors such as gender, economy, knowledge, health, and the environment.

Democracy Improvement Ranking 2013

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