Competition of the project “Knock The Door”

The “Knock The Door” project launches its preparations for its youth competition under the umbrella of Jasmine Foundation and MEPI. This competition brings together 100 young people organized in 20 teams from different districts of Soukra and Marsa.
This competition is a culmination of a series of activities to see the “Youth Cafés” and the workshops which were spread out over a period of six months in order sense the opinions of the participants about their daily challenges and the issues they can identify in their neighborhoods.

This activity also surveys the participants’ views about the solutions they propose for common problems such as drug abuse, unemployment, public services… etc. This will prepare them to the next stageof the project which aims to enable them to actively participate in shaping the future of their neighbourhoods by providing them with the necessary training on a number of competencies which will be useful to their works in their localities as well as in their professional and career development.
In this context, the participants will be involved for 10 days in the realization of mini-projects by referring to the audio-visual techniques and the communication tools. The subjects of the mini-projects are chosen by the participants themselves from a pool of several categories, including: short films, documentaries, theater plays, street art, songs, photo albums and even a mobile application. The participants will be divided into groups to carry out these different categories of project and a team of experts will assist and supervise them for this purpose. They will present their projects on 07 and 08 August at the Menzah Cultural Center before a jury which will choose the best projects to be financed and later adopted by the project “Knock The Door” in the awareness campaign which will take place near the end of the project.

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