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TADBIR: Project overview

In partnership with POMED Project Overview In 2016 Jasmine Foundation launched its new project “Tadbir” in partnership with POMED. Tadbir, which is the Arabic word for “Administration”, is a real research lab that works on the analysis and evaluation of the public policies to better understand and respond social changes in Tunisia. Tadbir is mainly

Ryada Project Overview

Project Ryada This project which marks the first partnership with CIPE, is designed to help Tunisian entrepreneurs understand the pillars of participatory democracy and to learn to become active citizens. The project also empowers young entrepreneurs to reach out to decision makers and to propose policy reforms to improve the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Tunisia. The

Tunisia Policy Shapers

In partnership with The National Endowment for Democracy Project context: In the democratic countries, the civil society contributes to the decision-making process along with government agencies, research centers and expert committees, which allow to focus on the urgent issues experienced by the citizens that may be overlooked by the decision makers because of electoral priorities

YouthAct Project (EU Commission)

In partnership with The European Commission Project Presentation The “Youth Act” project aims to support the citizen participation of young residents of the marginalized suburbs of Greater Tunis in the structure and the process of local governance from the beginning of its implementation in Tunisia. The project of two years, Organizes various activities that motivate

Success stories with our project participants : Zouhair Labyath

Zouhair is one of our participants from Bhar Lazreg, a marginalized neighborhood on the outskirts of the luxurious region of Gammarth north of Tunis. During his teens, he didn’t give much importance to pursuing his high school education spending most of his time in the cafés of his neighborhood. Zouhair was never approached, prior to

Jasmine Foundation project featured in The US Embassy website

The US Embassy website posted a brief summary of the visit of MEPI representatives to our office in Tunis. The visitors met with some of the beneficiaries of MEPI funded project “Our Neighborhood Our Democracy” which is being implemented by Jasmine Foundation in the northern region of Tunis and aims to empower young unemployed living

Policy Paper: Improving Youth Representation Within Political Parties in Tunisia

Written by Fares Ben Terzi Executive Summary One of the most important elements of democracy is political participation, especially that of youth. The involvement of young people in the political process is of great importance, as demonstrated by the deep political developments in Tunisia after the revolution to which the youth have contributed a great