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TADBIR: Project overview

In partnership with POMED Project Overview In 2016 Jasmine Foundation launched its new project “Tadbir” in partnership with POMED. Tadbir, which is the Arabic word for “Administration”, is a real research lab that works on the analysis and evaluation of the public policies to better understand and respond social changes in Tunisia. Tadbir is mainly

Report on Jasmine Foundation Annual Conference 2015

Jasmine Foundation organized its third annual conference on June 11th and 12th 2015, around the theme of The Participatory Governance; at Ramada Plaza Hotel, Gammarth, Tunis. In her opening speech, Dr. Tesnim Chirchi, the executive director of Jasmine Foundation, elaborated that the choice of participatory governance as a theme for the third annual conference was

Roundtable: Promoting Start-Ups to Foster Employment

On Friday, 12 June 2015, The Jasmine Foundation for Research and Communication (JFRC) organized a roundtable on the importance of promoting startups to foster employment, at Ramada Plaza Hotel, Gammarth, Tunis. Representatives from the government and the parliament, the private sector and the civil society were present and took part in the discussions and proceedings