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Public hearings of the Truth and Dignity Commission: Tunisia prepares for a “historical moment”

Just over two years after its creation, the Truth and Dignity Commission (IVD) is organizing today the first public hearings of victims of the former regime this week. Neither more nor less than a “historic moment” for the commission chairwoman, Sihem Ben Sedrine. A historical moment More speaking than the figures presented in the commission

Tunisian coalition party fights for women’s rights with gender violence bill

  Tunisian coalition party fights for women’s rights with gender violence bill After 14 years of sexual harassment at work, Idihar Chaieb finally got her day in court. The widow had been repeatedly propositioned and groped by her boss, who was also a local official in her home town of Menzel Bouzelfa, an hour’s drive

Report on Jasmine Foundation Annual Conference 2015

Jasmine Foundation organized its third annual conference on June 11th and 12th 2015, around the theme of The Participatory Governance; at Ramada Plaza Hotel, Gammarth, Tunis. In her opening speech, Dr. Tesnim Chirchi, the executive director of Jasmine Foundation, elaborated that the choice of participatory governance as a theme for the third annual conference was

JF Briefing Dec 16, 2014

Finances Top the Headlines Finances have been occupying the headlines in Tunisia this week, with the passing of the 2015 budget and debates over an increase in public-sector salaries and impending slashes in subsidies. The new Assembly of the People’s Representatives managed to pass the 2015 state budget in the early hours of 11 December

Reconsidering the transition Paradigm

The concept of transitions has been central to discussions of democratization for more than three decades now. “Transi- tion” has been the primary term used to describe the political changes that typified what Samuel P. Huntington labeled the “third wave” of democratization—the birth of new democracies in well over fifty countries that has made democracy

Expert View: Tunisia’s Media Landscape – What Has Changed since 14 January?

In light of recent changes in the media sector in Tunisia, Jasmine Foundation spoke to Mourad Teyeb, veteran journalist, producer and rights activist, about what has changed in the media sector since 14 January 2011. What, in your view, has changed in Tunisia since 14 January 2011? A lot has changed. One cannot but recognise

An Interview with Badreddine Abdelkefi : The Role of Civil Society in Drafting the New Constitution

Jasmine Foundation spoke to Badreddine Abdelkefi, member of the National Constituent Assembly in charge of Relations with Civil Society, to discuss the role of Civil Society in drafting the Tunisian constitution and the novel mechanisms established for the inclusion of Civil Society in the process of drafting from the start of its work in late

Nominations for new Truth and Dignity Commission Open

The National Constituent Assembly opened nominations on 28 January for membership of Tunisia’s new Truth and Dignity Commission, established under the Transitional Justice Law adopted in December 2013. Nominations will be open between 28 January and 11 February 2014. Conditions for nomination include possession of Tunisian nationality, competence, independence and neutrality. Candidates may not have