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How to make Local Government in Tunisia more Accountable

Policy Paper

How to Make Local Government in Tunisia more Accountable

Participatory Democracy and Open Governance in the new Tunisian Constitution

Intissar Kherigi | Jasmine Foundation

June 2016


This paper identifies and recommends measures needed to ensure greater accountability and citizen participation at local level. It is based on interviews with central government and municipality officials, academics, representatives of civil society and international organizations, as well as a roundtable at which initial findings were presented and discussed with stakeholders.

The paper makes the following key recommendations:

  • Clarifying legal obligations of local authorities
  • Providing clearer guidance to local authorities 
  • Encourage open communication by local authorities
  • Strengthen political will for accountability
  • Introduce oversight of local authorities 
  • Strengthen access to information
  • Build the capacities of local authorities
  • Build the capacities of the public


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